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Hi to all:

Many people have called/written regarding these images: do I have any more pictures, can they be used for ________, do I charge a fee for use, if so, how much, etc. I've tried to answer those sorts of questions below.

Many more have asked about my personal experiences and if everything's okay now. Thank you to all who have inquired. I'm doing fine, the neighborhood is feeling vibrant again and life is pretty much back to normal. Your kind words and wishes are appreciated.

- Todd

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Yes, you can use the images from the site - see usage guidelines below.

  2. If you are inquiring about a particular image, please reference it by the image number.

  3. These are all the images I have of the WTC.

  4. The black things in the sky in 318, 320, 326, 329, and 330 are birds not airplanes (there is a helicopter in 313).

  5. The images of the towers are obviously from 9/11, the ones of the news and rescue folks as well as the burnt out cars are from 9/12, the images of ground zero are from 9/20. I do not have the original time stamp in minutes/seconds - sorry.

  6. I was standing on the Northeast corner of Duane Street and Church Street looking South while taking images 311-335. 336-337 were taken from the same spot the next day. The others from 9/12 are from in and around the Tribeca area. The ones from 9/20 of Ground Zero (364-385) are from Broadway looking West.

  7. I do have fairly high resolution digital images (9x12 @ 300 dpi) for professional output.

  8. I do not license, furnish or ship physical pictures - everything is in digital format.

  9. The pictures were taken with a high quality Canon digital camera.

  10. No one I knew personally was lost in the tragedy, several people/companies I knew were displaced (again, thanks to all for asking).

Here are my basic usage guidelines:

  1. Personal Use: For private/personal use only (meaning you want to save an image as your wallpaper, are making a personal memorial, or some other use for yourself, your family or friends), feel free to download the images from this site. Please do not alter them or take off the copyright information.

  2. Charity, Educational, Church Use: If you are a nonprofit organization, teacher, professor, student, administrator, curator, etc. You can use the images from this website for projects, term papers, presentations, etc.. Please do not alter them or remove the copyright information. If you need higher resolution images, please contact me and I'll do my best to accommodate you in a timely fashion. If there is cost involved (disks, shipping, etc.), I would appreciate those being covered.

  3. Governmental or Research Use: I will cooperate in any way possible. If the images from the web will do, please use them as you wish. Otherwise, contact me.

  4. Commercial Use: Commercial use is on a case-by-case basis. Your project should have some redeeming value and benefit a charity or the FDNY/PDNY in some way directly. Contact me about your project so we can discuss. Vultures need not apply.